• Lumeris is There to Offer Support

  • Posted on March 03, 2016
  • Lumeris is a support system for healthcare organizations that are looking to make the transition from volume based to value based operations. Their technology enabling solutions support health systems, payers and providers during their journey to a completion of value based care. Their services range from fee for service, pay for performance and shared savings to shared risk and global payment models and more. Lumeris assists businesses in creating care delivery transformations that are required to manage quality, cost and utilization for patients and populations. Instead of penalties, they use incentives, tools and information to empower providers and administrators to make better informed, value based decisions. They have nearly a decade of experience and offer unique approaches that have led to proven results. Lumeris’ goal is to advance health care organizations in their pursuit to become excellent population health managers.

    There are many markers of Lumeris’ success and they can be rooted to the foundations of their company. Such as their beginning intention of being founded on purpose. Their origin is part of a group of healthcare executives that saw the problem with the current healthcare system and set out to create change. They were designed expressly for population health management field and have thus far proven successful not only in the Lumeris operated Medicare Advantage plan but also with health systems, payer and provider clients across the country as well.

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