• Let Lumeris Show You How to Make Healthcare Better

  • Posted on May 18, 2016
  • Because the market is changing rapidly, it's necessary for providers to deliver healthcare that brings the best results at the same time they increase efficiency. The same is true of everyone in the system; with reform, it’s necessary to do a lot more than see and treat an ever-growing number of patients; it's also necessary for patients to come out of the doctor's office healthier than when they went in.
    In order to accomplish all that is necessary to make money in the current environment, Lumeris has developed processes that require all elements of the system to work together seamlessly. With the operational support, technology, and consulting services provided by Lumeris, every organization in the system is better able to design, build, operate, measure, and optimize any accountable care model to accomplish improved quality, less cost, and greater patient and physician satisfaction, all of which makes everyone better.

    Lumeris believes that sharing data and strategies makes a lot more sense these days, and why they do just that. The Lumeris Collaborative Model takes an approach that uses the healthcare industry's best quality results models to produce huge cost reductions, sometimes as much as 30 percent. This is done by shifting focus to such concepts as preventive care, as well as the elimination of inefficient and/or unnecessary care because eliminating these lowers administrative costs.
    Whether you're a healthcare provider or a payer, Lumeris can help. They have experience working with organizations at every level of the healthcare system, providing them with systems and technology to make them better at their business. They have worked with accountable care organizations (ACOs), Medicare Advantage plans, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and hospital bundled payment programs and they have the expertise to make the entire healthcare delivery system better and most cost-effective.
    Lumeris technology is based on an understanding that, for the healthcare system to be the best it can, the old-fashioned systems, in which some organizations had to lose out in order for another to win, had to be replaced by system in which everyone cooperates and shares responsibility and increases the focus on outcomes. The innovative approach taken by Lumeris encourages all parties to share data and outcomes and return the system to its primary purpose, which is to serve patients. That’s a way that everyone wins.

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